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P2.5 123inch LED Wall

$10,500 -> $8,900

2.5mm Clear LED pixel

1024x576 , 589,824 pixel resolution

Total 12 panel LED

WIdth : 100.8 inch(8.4ft)

Height : 56.7 inch( 4.7ft)

Included : LED Controller, Cables, spare part

Not included : Local shipping, Install, Setup

Easy & Simple install

The LED walls from TrinityMS boast powerful performance yet are very easy to install. As long as there is a supportive wall or ceiling and adequate power supply, installation is feasible. All wiring for the LED walls can be done by opening the cover and working from the front.

Infinite Expandability

The 2.5mm resolution offers superior image quality. The audience can clearly see and easily understand lyrics, videos, and various materials. If expansion is needed, it can be achieved by adding more modular LEDs without having to replace the entire system. The 2.5mm resolution is a model that will remain consistently used among current LED options for the coming years.

Work Flow for LED Wall




We need to determine the size of the LED wall required for the customer's space and ensure compatibility with other media equipment. TrinityMS considers optimal video and media compatibility and provides a suitable quote.

Once the quote is finalized, we review payment options based on the customer's circumstances. We offer installment plans up to 60 months and leasing programs. Church customers can avail installment plans regardless of credit.

After payment and the start of construction, we ensure the installation is optimized for the site. TrinityMS's construction team ensures successful installation. If the customer prefers, self-installation is also an option. After completion, customers can join the Trinity Care Program for regular maintenance and inspection.

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