One Heart Ministry

Community dedicated in providing the cultural experience through life and praise with Jesus Christ 
The worth of curation! This is the mission of One Heart Ministry.

We are flooded with information we cannot digest on a daily basis. Now is the generation of curation where must pick out and edit useful information. One Heart Ministry wishes to play this role in the American Christian society. We will be the center of curation picking out useful information and missions to churches and its people for them to connect and grow. 


About the Ministry

-Jesus : Community immersed in culture of Jesus Christ, helping churches and changing the world by various approaches through culture.
-Culture : Community dedicated in increasing the influence of Christians using art and youth ! ! culture as a tool for ministry.

-Worship : Community working to establish faith through praise 
-Mix : Community that is able to self-sustain due to its ability to merge business and ministry ! ! harmoniously. 


What We Do

-Album Planning/Production 

: Discover new artists, album planning, production
-Concert Planning 
: Christian culture ministry, concert planning, gospel/CCM competitions, Korean CCM Artist tour/invitation planning 
-Sound and Media 
: Design, construct and sell audio/video equipments, sound equipment rentals
-Design / Web Design 
: Church prints, album covers, magazines..variety of Christian-related designs and prints
: Design and produce webpages for churches and missionary organizations.

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