Korean CCM Artist 
CCM Singer Songwriter & Worship Leader 

Won silver award at the 11th CBS Gospel  Contest

Won seven awards at 2006 CCM Award

Speaker at KOSTA

Released 5 albums


CL , J Han , Sam Ock

AMP is a hip hop group consist of three Korean-American artists. With four albums and six singles both as a group and by individuals, they are prolific and active artists.

While already an acknowledged group in America, AMP is gaining popularity in many countries including Korea and Japan, along with the worldwide spread of K-pop in recent years.

AMP is characterized by their exceptional musical talent and genuine gospel messages. Among them is Sam Ock, producer and composer, whose talent as a singer-songwriter is manifest with his appearances in TV shows and various events. 

Jon Choi

                                                       Lead Pastor at Global Harvest Church

                                                       JAMA New Awakening Band Director 

                                                       Adjunct Professor at  Baptist University 

                                                       Ph.D. Old Testament and MDiv. 

                                                       (Southwestern Bapt. Semimary)